Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog Report week 1

"A Doomed Planet, and Scientists Are Lucky to Have Spotted It."

This article was very informative and would satisfy the hunger of any astrology lover (like myself.) It tells of an extra-solar planet that an international team of astrologers have found called WASP-18b (the name alone is so Sci-Fi, I love it) which is a part of the Hot Jupiter’s, an extra-solar system beyond ours whose planets have a mass close to or exceeding that of Jupiter. The catch is that the planet is on its way to self destruction. Astronomers believe that the planet (WASP-18b) who’s orbit around its star is 22 hours, 35 minutes, 41.5 seconds (meaning that a year on WASP-18b is less than a full day on earth) will crash into its star in less than a million years. Astrologers are unsure of why WASP-18b is falling inward to a fiery death.

This article was a great read because I enjoy anything about astrology, it always amazes me how astrologist are constantly finding new planets and other things in space and the weird names they come up with.

Hope you enjoy it as well !!!

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