Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Walk Outside- Japanese barberry

Japanese barberry scientifically known as Berberis thunbergii is an invasive plant in the Adiorndacks.

The Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program says that the non native plant should not be sold or planted in the Aidorandacks and that people should rid the area of the invasive plant.

Japanese barberry can be found everywhere, especially in median plantings around parking lots. They also keep deers at bay, since deers don't like to feed on Japanese barberry some planters outline their plants or bushes with the invasive plant.

Japanese barberry is both sun and shade tolerant and can thrive in both places.

The major concern with the plant is that the berries are ingested by birds and then excreted in the woods and other open places. evidence also suggest that
Japanese barberry can alter soil pH, nitrogen levels, and even disrupt the soil’s biological activity.

Pretty but deadly

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  1. Freddy, is this a plant you saw around Plattsburgh? What made you write about it?
    From what you say, it sounds like people are planting it intentionally. If it's harming the ecosystem, I wonder why this is allowed.