Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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  1. Freddy, I think you could take the cormorant story in a couple of directions.

    1. Fishermen complain that cormorants are ruining the lake's fishery. This is a scientific question that's open for debate. I've read that the birds do not eat game fish, so why are fishermen up in arms?

    2. Some people complain that cormorants are driving out other birds on the Champlain islands, thus lessening biodiversity. Again, this is debatable. There also are complaints that cormorants are destroying the islands' vegetation. This may offend human aesthetics, but should that be taken into account? What we see as a "ruined" island may be good cormorant habitat.

    If either of these angles interest you, let me know, and I'll suggest some places to start your research.

    Here's a link for background:


  2. dear young entertainment journailst,

    do you have a facebook page? if not, what's your email? I want to talk to you...

    -ashleigh livingston

  3. hey, I had thought maybe I could use you as a source for a story about internships, but it fell through, so never mind.

    thanks anyway...