Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Report Week 3

Tool to Offer Fast Help for H.I.V. Exposure

This article sound like it’s up for debate, but if scientific research backs it up, who am I to disagree.

I actually heard about this treatment a while back, while it was still in the “experimental phase.” People who thought that they may have been exposed to the HIV Virus were urged to take part in a clinical study (within 3 days of exposure) that would prevent them from becoming infected with the virus.

This article is a testament to the fact that scientist are breaking barriers in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Although it’s not a cure it’s the next best thing. Nowadays we’re all about prevention and catching things before they severely affect us.

The article basically talks about a new computer application (Not available on the iPhone) that screens patients, who may have been exposed to HIV, to see whether they are candidates for post-exposure prophylactic treatment. The application also “provides specific information about the 28-day course of antiretroviral drugs.”

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