Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Science times Lede

An Odyssey From the Bronx to Saturn’s Rings

Lede- It is twilight time on Saturn.Shadows lengthened to stretch thousands of miles across the planet’s famous rings this summer as they slowly tilted edge-on to the Sun, which they do every 15 years, casting into sharp relief every bump and wiggle and warp in the buttery and wafer-thin bands that are the solar system’s most popular scenic attraction.

I chose this lede becuse I am a solar system fanatic. I love everything about space from our 8 planets to the unexplainable. I felt like the lede in this article shared my enthusiasm about the solar system and space. I like the opening line "It is twilight time on Saturn," as it hints that something special or unusal will be happening on Saturn, usually something that will happen once in a life time. I also love the description that the writer used to describe the illustrious rings of saturn. Overbye writes " every bump and wiggle and warp in the buttery and wafer-thin bands," I like this description in particular because it is a different take on a stale topic, so to speak, (every one knows that the rings of saturn are beautiful.) However the writer manages to use descriptions that I would never associate with Saturn like "buttery," and he makes it all work.

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