Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stephen Hawking Is Making His Comeback -Discover Blog

The lede was a great scene setting lede. The writer captured the environment and feel of the seminar. It drew me in as a reader in the sense that I can envision the seminar and felt almost like I was there. I specifically like his use of words like “rocketing to stardom,” as it provided some connotation between Hawkings real life and his career. It was a great way to use space terms in describing a person.

The content of the article was both interesting and informative. Though out the article many questions are raised in one sentence and answered in the next. It was also a nice hybrid between Hawking’s medical condition and his life long work. At times I wondered, why is the author speaking extensively about Hawking’s medical condition. However after fully reading the article I understood that speaking about Hawking’s condition lends a needed background to the story and eventually coincides with his work as hawking had to find new methods of carrying out his work when his condition made it nearly impossible.

The article was organized in a way that let it flow easily. It was broken into different sections with the use of sub heads, making it easier for the reader to understand what he/she is to get out of reading a specific section. Also one section transitions into the next section effortlessly as the story progresses.

I thought the style of writing was particularly simple given the complicated subject matter. The writer talks about various equations and scientific terms that can easily confuse any one, how ever he extracts all the jargon and puts it in plan English for the reader. He didn’t allow the complex nature and languages of the subject to complicate his story or confuse his readers.

Essentially the writer explained the science in his article in a way that didn’t feel like a science lesson. He used vivid descriptions that assisted in the understanding of the scientific matter. For example when talking about black holes the author writes, “One particle can fall into the black hole while the other feeds on the gravitational energy of the hole and flies away to safety,” the simplicity of this statement is present through out the entire article.

Overall I would give this article an A as it was very fulfilling and educational (with out feeling like it).

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